1000. Waldo Forever

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Thanks for indulging in this silly little week of nostalgia with me.  And thanks for reading.  It’s been such an honor to have you as a reader.  Thank you.

Thank you to everyone that’s written me emails and left me messages correcting my typos, giving me encouragement and making me feel like a celebrity.  Throwing comics up on the internet can feel lonely sometimes, and you keep that from being the case.

Thank you to the brilliant webcomic creators that have treated me like a peer.  I feel pretty awesome about this.

Thank you to my friends and family.  You were my audience when nobody else was, and you were my audience when only one other person was.  You’ve been a constant source of inspiration and joy.  I couldn’t do this without you.  This even includes my friends that don’t read the comic, but they aren’t going to be reading this anyway, so whatever, NAVARRO.

I’ve been doing this comic for three years.  I’m hoping to keep it going as long as I’m enjoying it.  I’m going to be starting a new phase of my education in January, so I might have to reassess the update schedule.  We’ll see.

Again, thank you.