1002. My Arms

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I tried to do 1000 pushups in one day to celebrate doing 1000 comics.  It didn’t go so well.  I only did 251.  Pathetic.

But I’m not giving up on these 1000 pushups.

That’s why this Halloween, October 31st, I am trying again.  But since it is abundantly clear I can’t do this alone, I am having a PUSHUP PLEDGE DRIVE.  Do some pushups.  Donate them to the cause.

If you donate 20 pushups or more, I will draw you a picture of you getting chased by ghosts/monsters/vampires.
If you donate 40 pushups or more, I will draw a picture of you chasing ghosts/monsters/vampires instead.
If you donate 1000 pushups or more, THAT IS TOO MANY PUSHUPS.

To donate pushups, let me know about them on twitter or email.  The pushups have to be done on October 31st to count.  Let’s say Eastern Standard time.