1022. I identify with Harry Potter

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Three pieces of news:

First: As of midnight tonight, my sister Shanti turns 21!  As of midnight and five minutes tonight, I’ll be watching the new Harry Potter movie with her!  The Harry Potter franchise is one of my sister’s favorite things, and my sister is one of my favorite people, so this is pretty great for everyone!

Except for future Sanjay who wants to be awake and alert at work tomorrow.  But nobody even likes that guy!

Second: Pushupdate: Still working on sketches.  Sorry it is taking so long.  I’ve sent out some of them and people seemed to like them?

Third:  Cowbirds in Love shirts are for sale RIGHT NOW!  Whoa.  Right now, the plan is to take preorders until December 1st and order then, though that last date might move up to ensure shirts can get to you by Christmas.

Also, if anyone doesn’t like that shirt but does like the Keytarmy shirt and missed out on it the first time, let me know.  If I can get enough peeps in on that I might do a second order.  Email would be good.