1047. Where is my Mr. Darcy?

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Sorry if this is harsh, Mr. Darcy lovers.  But this has to end here.

I am so tired of everyman ladies in Jane Austen fan fiction macking it with Mr. Darcy.  I just watched the entire series Lost in Austen in one day and I AM SO MAD ABOUT THIS.  This goes for Bridget Jones too!  THAT COUNTS.

Elizabeth Bennet has pretty much every positive trait you could want in a person.  You can’t just cut her out and put in some normal person and expect the same results.  Mr. Darcy isn’t going to get with you.  Do you know how much effort even Elizabeth Bennet had to go through to win that dude?  You could not pull it off!

You know what?  I have too much rage about this for one comic.