1050. Poor Mrs. Bennet

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As soon as I announced Pride and Prejudice I got about seventy emails saying “OH MY GOSH SANJAY!  DO A COMIC WITH MRS. HILL!!! SHE IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!”  Word for word, all from different people.

So here’s a comic with her, okay!  Stop emailing me, people I didn’t make up!

Also, yesterday was my friend Jane Austen’s birthday.  She turned 235.  It’s kind of a coincidence that Pride and Prejudice Week contained her birthday because I totally forgot it.  I guess I’m a bad friend.

My other friend Laura pointed out that the premise of this comic is kind of unbelievable because the Bennets probably didn’t have so many servants that they wouldn’t recognize the ones they had.  That’s pretty true.  But I ignored that point and made the comic anyway.

My third friend Ian and I tried to make some kind of Pride and Prejudice/Watchmen mashup thing work but it just isn’t going to happen.  Dr. Manhattan was Elizabeth Bennet.  Mr. Darcy was Earth.  That’s as far as we got and that’s probably as far as we’re going to get.