1053. Elizabeth Bennet is the best

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Maybe I’m turning a blind eye towards Elizabeth Bennet’s faults because I have a super crush on her.  MAYBE I AM.  But still, it’s not every character who Jane Austen says is “as delightful a creature as ever appeared in print”.  Yeah.  Believe that. (Source).

Oh, I guess she has some pride and some prejudice and maybe Jane is prettier.  WHATEVER.

Anyway, that’s it for Pride and Prejudice Week.  I could probably go longer than a week with this.  I really love these characters.

Heck, I could probably go longer than a week with just Lydia.  But, in deference to the people who haven’t read the book and have been scratching their head all week, I will return to jokes about robots and hugs or whatever I do.

I’d like to thank the film versions of Pride and Prejudice for helping me get an idea of what these characters should look like exactly.  Even the 1940s version which told me they all looked like they were in Gone With The Wind.  I’d like to thank Pemberly.com for being an amazing resource.  And I’d like to thank this drawing for my character design for Mr. Bingley.  I ignored the movies and used that for Charles, because that is glorious.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the people behind Lost in Austen.  It’s pretty terrible but it’s also pretty hilarious and well done.  I think they are going to make a movie out of it which I am going to see for sure.

Thanks for reading!