1101. This Comic Is About A Bar

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Karen drew this.

You may know her from her work slaying monsters, but she also draws comics sometimes.  She just drew Tax Law Week and I thought this one was going to be about law too, but apparently it is about the drinky kind of bar.

This is also about animals because Karen wants to help this animal shelter she likes get into this ASPCA competition to get some grant money.  And she was hoping maybe you could vote for that to happen.  The voting is happening here: http://challenge.aspcapro.org/vote-your-shelter and the shelter is IL - PAWS Chicago.

Only the top 50 organizations get into the competition and PAWS Chicago is a couple thousand votes behind.  They are Chicago’s largest no kill shelter, but it seems the entire city of Chicago needs to turn to me to win this popularity contest.  What’s the deal, Chicago?

You can vote today and tomorrow.  The voting ends after Friday.

I don’t know if this is the best shelter or even one of the 50 most deserving shelters because figuring that out would take a crazy amount of research.  I don’t have the time!  But I do know that I like flexing my tiny internet muscles, so if you want to help, I’d much appreciate it.

Again, voting here.