1125. He's handsome. He's tall.

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The number one problem with Fiddler on the Roof that has vexed me since comic 782 is the totally unresolved issue of what happens to the Rabbi’s son.  He had such a rosy romantic future until grandmother Tzeitel’s ghost comes around and sets up a chain of events that ruins everything for him.

But problem solved!  He marries this really handsome French guy!  Yay!  He’s especially good at expectorating!

I know it took me a month to draw this comic, but given what an important Fiddler on the Roof breakthrough this is I hope I can be forgiven.

P.S. I am sharing a house with a bunch of very nice people in Philadelphia right now and one of them has an awesome comic called Super Brophy Brothers.  It has good comics, and also good podcasts.  They are especially good listening if you like thinking about making comics, but they are probably funny regardless.

P.P.S.  I’m sorry for the long delay for this update.  If you are still reading, I’m really grateful.