113. What do people look like?

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I collected data from my previous updates.  I counted how many noses and ears and legs and eyes and heads I have portrayed to see how off the ratio was from actual humans. This is what I found out:

For every half an ear a human on my site has, they have 19 heads, 34 eyes, 13 eyebrows, 18 mouths, 11 heads of hair, 2 noses, 5 necks, 17 arms, 3 hands, 19 torsos, 5 legs and 2 feet.

I was shocked.  This thing is what my readers must think humans look like.  Anyway, it was Animation Week so I made it dance:

I want to apologize for the damage I caused and will continue to cause and I suggest that you look at some other people every once in a while.

Email me if you don’t know what the body part ratios are supposed to be.  I took Anatomy.