1476. Preventive Medicine

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Sorry for not updating the comic in a while. If you are reading this, thanks for coming back.

A lot has happened since we’ve last talked. None of it is why I had the long comic break, but it’s still pretty exciting and I wanted to share it.

1) I am still engaged! I’m really really excited about that. I’ve actually been engaged since comic 1470, if you can imagine that.
I am much like the U.S.S. Enterprise’s warp drive with regards to how I am engaged. Except instead of blasting through the galaxy, I’m just in love with a wonderful person.
It’s still great though.

2) I matched into this really great residency program to train in family medicine. I’m very excited about that too. I’m going to have a doctorate in medicine real soon and I
never even had to defend a thesis for it. That’s right, graduate students. Deal with it.

3) I donated two gallons of blood at the same hospital! I got a certificate with a gold sticker on it. Wooooo!

So basically everything’s been going well. Except my drawing tablet broke. That’s not really an excuse for almost two months of no updates of course,
but it was certainly contributory. I kinda got into the habit of not doing comics because there were a few days were I wasn’t able to do them.

I’m going to ease back into this a bit slowly, but expect more update soon.

Again, thanks for reading.