1479. The Life Cycle of Phoenixes

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Hello again!

I’m sorry the comic has been gone for so long. In October, some bad code was injected into the site’s code which was sending emails out asking for people’s bank account numbers and such. The site was taken down and wasn’t brought back up because I didn’t know how to fix the problem. Good friend Greg Truono got it back and running.

In addition to getting the site back up, I’m also planning on updating Monday through Friday and taking the weekends off I’m going to start Tuesday.

A lot has happened since we last talked. Some highlights:

1. I got married. We had a delightful wedding and we gave out rules manuals and sets of dice at the reception. The rules manuals were put together by amazing pal Bailey Kung.

2. I stopped practicing clinical medicine for reasons I don’t mind talking about, but don’t really want to talk about here.

3. I visited the West Coast for the first time, and then took a train trip across America. It’s a really wide country!

It is nice to see you again.