1517. Arthurs

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1. Almost everyone got Bee/Bea Arthur, star of the Golden Girls.

2. Arthur Weasley, Muggle Enthusiast, tripped up a few people.

3. Almost everyone recognized Arthur Pendragon, the rightful king of England who pulled the sword from the stone on a field trip.

4. Nobody got Morte D’Arthur, which chronicles the life of Arthur Pendragon. I suppose in retrospect I should have given him a little French flag to get people on the right direction. Whoops!

5. One person figured out that this picture was of Art Garfunkle, one of the singers behind such songs as Bridge Over Troubled Water and Crazy Bus.

One person got 4/5 right, and, despite what I said about partial credit, I am declaring them THE WINNER. Who is going to stop me?

They will recieve the mystery prize: I will draw Arthur mashed-up with anything of the winner’s choice, provided it isn’t too disrespectful to the character or to Marc Brown.


You get two bonus comics today:

Here is a summary of the answers I got. Thanks everyone for co-writing a comic with me.

And here is a 0/5 performance by one Drew Mokris. NONE OF THESE ANSWERS ARE RIGHT, DREW!