1522. Word Balloons

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This week we have five comics that touch on some of my favorite philosophical ideas. Today’s comic touches on one of my very very favorites.

There are a few topics I can’t get enough of, and cultural conceptions of where intelligence is located in the body is one of them for me. My appetite for information on this topic is insatiable. Please, send me articles.

Where is intelligence in the body? We are so trained in the knowledge that intelligence comes from the brain that it is hard to really appreciate how novel of a question this must have once been. And, while I gain incredible enjoyment out of mocking inaccurate beliefs of the past, this one was hard to figure out. As much as one’s head might hurt after a hard day of thinking, the idea that thought originates in the brain is not apparent.

Don’t let it not being fair stop you from laughing at these wrong wrong old ideas. The people who had them are all dead! Relentless mock Descartes! Enjoy stories about Egyptians scrambling dead people’s brains because the didn’t think they were important! It’s all fine by me.

Big ups to Galen, who was relatively on the money with this stuff considering how far back that dude was.

Big ups to Rene Descartes for inventing Cartesian coordinates and nothing else.

Big ups to Aristotle for agreeing to be in today’s comic.

And big ups to whoever invented comics. Thanks!