1531. Sincerity

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Today’s comic is really important to me. It was borne out of hours of ruminating over the times I’ve been cruel and times I’ve been callous. The times I didn’t feel too ashamed to admit to are illustrated here. I usually keep things pretty close to the chest even more than this, but, as they say, “on Halloween, you tell the truth”.

I am so so lucky to have the friends I have.

There are people I didn’t stand up for. There are people I didn’t listen to and hear. I have wronged people with words and I have wronged people with silence. I am trying my best to be more kind to others than I was to those people. I don’t know if that is enough.

That, and draw this comic, I guess?

Incidentally, the comic was also borne out of a deep love for The Great Pumpkin mythos. Charles Schulz created such a beautiful concept he could use to touch on hope, disappointment, faith, religion, pride, sincerity, and beagle/mythical figure mix-ups. I feel a little sacrilegious even drawing Linus fan-fiction, but I hope the place of love I am coming from will absolve me of missteps in this regard.


I used a desaturated version of this image for texture in the above comics. It was available under this license, so everything is legit.