1581. The Wake

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I think today’s comic needs footer text more than most. I don’t want it to be misinterpreted so I’m just going to explain it.

This comic is about me. I’m the person with the megaphone. The joke is supposed to be on me.

This comic was drawn because I’ve been thinking about the attack on Charlie Hebdo, a satirical French magazine, which left 12 people dead. The most likely narrative suggests that
Charlie Hebdo was targeted because of their incendiary works related to Islam.

On the surface, there are many issues that are uncontroversial among decent people:

1. This was a horrible loss of human life.

2. Violence is an unacceptable response to speech you dislike.

3. In the wake of this event, those affected have the world’s thoughts and support.

But there are subtleties beyond those uncontroversial opinions.

This, is perhaps, not the best time to discuss subtleties. This event was provoked strong emotions, and strong emotions don’t do well with subtlety. And most subtlety can wait.

Discussion about racism in Charlie Hebdo cartoons can wait. My wack opinions about how inane political cartoons are, can certainly wait.

Some things cannot wait. It is important I mention this. The attack on Charlie Hebdo has prompted rampant Islamophobia, and that must be fought as it is encountered. Already there
have been anti-Muslim attacks around mosques in Paris. This is absolutely deplorable.

But a lot of subtlety should probably wait.

But by the time it is a better time to talk about it, when emotions aren’t running so hot, my attention isn’t going to be on Charlie Hebdo any more.

I don’t have a good solution. It’s just something I want to be conscious about so I can work against it.

Anyway, if someone cites this comic to defend Islamophobia or to celebrate racism I’ll be severely bummed about it.