1594. Mirror of Erised Week: The Happiest Person

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With today’s comic I accomplish a comic milestone! I’ve completed the first page in my idea book!

I started this page in July! Every other page still has some boxes yet to be checked off!

-The Ship of Theseus idea teamed up with some other ideas and became Philosophy Week.

-Bread and Circus became the very first comic I put up after announcing the comic was back.

-The Mirror of Erised idea is this comic you just read.

-I didn’t actually have a comic idea for Lucy Parsons I just wanted to read about her. And I did. I read this. Box checked.

-At first I couldn’t remember what I did with “fat superpowers” and at first I was surprised I did anything because it’s actually kind of a stupid premise. But here we are.

-Victor Hug-O was of course lovingly rendered here. I wasn’t scanning in the comics at the right resolution back then and you can really tell!

-The joke behind the SEO idea is that you can search for Search Engine Optimization services to find out which one is the best and whichever one you get really is the best. You don’t remember this comic because I didn’t do it! This joke stinks and it isn’t worth my time. But here it is. BOX CHECKED!