1685. Facts Week: The Solar System

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Welcome to FACTS WEEK!!!!

Last week I had so many comics about feelings, I thought it would be nice to do comics WITH JUST THE FACTS.

All my comics these week are just going to be me telling you about things. It should be fun, but I NEED YOUR HELP.

I only have four things I want to tell you about! I need a fifth topic if this theme week is going to work. Here’s the plan:

Today: Send me a topic via either email, twitter or tumblr.

Tomorrow: I’ll pick my ten favorite suggestions and make a poll with the options.

Wednesday and Thursday: I’ll research the winning suggestion and draw a comic WITH FACTS.

Friday: You get to read some facts!

Don’t send me joke ideas! I already have those. Just send me topics you want to read facts about.

See you tomorrow, when you get to read facts ABOUT TRIANGLES.