1688. Facts Week: Cowbirds

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One of the kindest things a person can do for me is allow me to talk their ear off about cowbirds. So if you read that whole comic, thank you!

But if we are ever hanging out and you want to do me a favor, trust me, I still have more stuff to say about cowbirds. I barely even touched on cowbird evolution or cowbird development! They are a really, really, fascinating animal!

It’s a little peculiar that I love cowbirds so much, the comic is named after them, and yet, I’ve had very few cowbird comics. I’m very proud of the last one I did but that was comic 470! It’s been too long!

I am very happy to hear feedback on today’s comic, especially if I got something wrong. I care a lot about getting this comic right, especially because I think I’d like to print it out as a mini-comic.

I know played slightly fast and loose in contrasting cuckoos and cowbirds. Individual cowbirds tend to focus in on one species to host their young. And there are plenty of cuckoo species that diversify their hosts. But I don’t think I’m too far off in characterizing cowbird obligate brood parasitism as a little more laid back.

Come back tomorrow for facts about a group of animals I know WAAAAAY less about than the genus Molothrus… rodents!