1719. Nice Things to Sad People

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I’m going to be presenting at BAHFest East at MIT.

BAHFest, or the Festival of Bad ad Hoc Hypotheses, is a series of presentations of ridiculous scientific theories presented earnestly.

Here’s the winner of the inaugural BAHFest as an example.

The topic for BAHfest East 2015, as it has been for the two years prior, is evolutionary biology, which is a topic dear to my heart,
and I am overjoyed to get a chance to talk evolution in a giant auditorium full of an intimidating number of people.

Additionally, BAHFest is organized by Zach Weinersmith of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, a cartoonist
I greatly admire, and one of the reasons I started cartooning drawing comics to begin with.

The keynote speaker is Abby Howard of Junior Scientist Power Hour
and The Last Halloween, also an amazing cartoonist whose work I greatly admire.

One of the judges is Rosemary Mosco of Bird and Moon, whose work I’ve loved for a long time.

Chances are I’ll get to meet all of them, plus a bunch of other exciting brilliant people who I’m less familiar with!

If you are going to be around the MIT area on September 19th, you should consider getting some tickets and coming to the show.