219. The Next Summer Blockbuster (Guest comic)

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First off, I’d like to apologize to everyone for the lack of updates these past several days. I have been “under the weather” (aka sick) and though I wanted nothing more than to update this site, I was sadly left with no strength to accomplish that feat.

Second, I would like to thank, possibly even congratulate, Karen Mazzola for being the first person to send in a comic while Sanjay is away. The congratulation would actually be for her for overcoming her fear of criticism of anything she does. Please send in your comments on her work to cowbirdsinlove@gmail.com. If I get enough negative feedback, I will update this page with a link directly to her e-mail so you can send her all the hate mail you desire. Also, fellas, I hear she’s still single.

Also, Karen’s second biggest fear is being alone.