221. Idioms (Guest comic)

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I actually rather doubt that keeping the bucket upright would save you from your flesh-depleting fate, but we can’t know for sure unless we try….

Not only did he make the image, but he also provided the bonus text!  Huzzah.

I want to apologize for over-hyping Mike Hazeltine’s stay at Cowbirds in Love.  The problem was that I was thinking about Mike Hazeltine the person and you got Mike Hazeltine the updater.  While the person is funny, clever and imaginative, the updater is lazy, sloppy and a bit abusive.

However, I’d like to thank Mike Hazeltine for taking charge of the site and for the excellent comics he did make.

Furthermore, I’d like to thank Karen Mazzola for doing one third of the updates and for continuing to inspire my nightmares.

I’d also like to thank Colin Dawson who made this comic and Matt Fendt, who made these comics.

And to all the readership I lost during my three weeks away, I love you and I will fight to win you back.

I’ll start up with new updates as soon as I can.  I have plenty of ideas for new comics and, like a Texan governor, I am looking forward to their execution.