303. How I got food poisoning

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I got an email from this awesome person named Sam about a month back.

Sam was moved to action by this comic where I wonder what ATP tastes like.  And look what Sam did for me:

The Question
The Answer

It’s not a definitive answer about what taking a mound of ATP and putting it in your mouth would be like, but it gives you some ideas.

Thanks a lot, Sam!

I’ve wondered what the growth agar they use to grow bacteria on tastes like too.  It seems like it might be kind of delicious.

Sure, blood agar seems kind of gross and chocolate agar isn’t actually made with chocolate, but I am still curious about what it would be like to chomp down on an agar plate.

If you want to talk more about it, this is a topic I am passionate about, so feel free to email me or go to the Facebook group.