327. Keillor

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Because of the amazing complexity of language and syntax, people utter exactly identical sentences a lot less frequently than you might think.
And I certainly didn’t expect the phrase “We can’t all be Garrison Keillor” to have been uttered before.  But apparently Al Franken said it on criticism that he, unlike Garrison Keillor, was leaving Minnesota to go make it in showbiz.

Al Franken is now a lucky recount away from being a Senator, and Garrison Keillor is being featured in my webcomic.  I’ll leave it to you to decide who made the right choice.

I was a little sloppy getting my pictures for this comic.  I took the picture from this blog.  I didn’t check it out that much, but it seems pretty neat if you like library science.

Mom, if you still read the comic, let me know if that site is cool or not.

Everyone else, my mom is a librarian in case you didn’t know.  Awesome, right?