332. Brian's Amazing Trick

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I’m sharing links today!

Fair weathered friend of the website and good friend of mine, Mike Hazeltine has a cool music project up called Ira.  He has six songs up there.  If I had to pick a favorite I would probably pick “When I Close My Eyes”, but luckily I don’t because they are all very nice.

i hit on you
People submit awkward stories about being hit on.  You read them and usually experience some schadenfreude

Unwinder’s Tall Comics
This one is right off my links page.  Unwinder’s Tall Comics has started updating again after what seemed like ages.  There aren’t too many comics up so you could easily read this in one sitting, and maybe you should.

Hitmen For Destiny
This is a really charming comic that you probably can’t read in one sitting, but you’ll want to.