349. Devaluing the Pound

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There are so many sites I want to share with you from the big ol' internet:

Abby and Norma
I used to read this comic but accidentally lost its URL. I thought I would never see it again but it was advertising on Thinkin' Lincoln and we were reunited. It's kind of nerdy and has a fond regard for puns, so if you like that in a comic, maybe you should check it out.

Subnormality just gives and gives and gives. The comic updates weekly, and how the writer comes up with enough ideas to keep that up is amazing. It's funny, clever and, if it matters to you, well drawn.

I mentioned this comic in the RSS feed but I thought it deserved main page treatment. There's a few completed stories up already and it reads really quickly, so why don't you check it out.

I mentioned this site to the Facebook group. It is a voting site for comics and it is a good way to find new ones to love. You can also vote for the comics you already like so as to enforce your opinion on others.

And if you really like your opinion, you can also leave your comments on any webcomic there.