466. Bird Heroes

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Welcome to Ornithology Week!

I found this image when I was doing some google searches for my own webcomic.  It was kinda odd seeing something I wasn’t associated with titled Cowbirds in Love.

The caption states:

“It’s springtime. This male (at right) was practically turning himself inside out but the females were studiously ignoring him. ”

Now, I’m not a bird expert or anything, but last I checked cowbirds have a lot more sexual dimorphism than you see in this picture.  Now, I’m not saying that little guy isn’t practically turning himself inside out to attract the attention of the birds at left, but what I am saying is that that cowbird’s parents probably don’t need to worry about any cowbird grandchildren any time soon.

Especially because as obligate brood parasites, cowbirds don’t take care of their kids.