78. Hand signs and plagiarism

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There was a lawsuit a few years ago, it’s on the internet, where professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page sued Jay-Z. Jay-Z had started flashing the dynasty sign shown above

That’s from an album that came out in 2000.  Thing is, Diamond Dallas Page created and copyrighted his own little hand sign in 1996.  Here’s what it looked like:

A few news sources picked up the story and the lawsuit was settled out of court.  So it seems like problem over.  Why am I bringing it up?

Because, my friends, no news source picked up the whole story.

Diamond Dallas Page and Jay-Z are both guilty of stealing from one woman:

The Chief from Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.

So, when you throw your diamonds in the sky, remember what you are really representing:  The Acme Triangle of Excellence.  Vigilance, Dedication, Courage.  My right hand, my left hand, thumbs.  Also, remember that some people are so asinine that they will copyright simple geometric shapes.  Those are the two takeaway messages.

You don’t know it since you probably don’t know wrestling, but the title text on the Diamond Dallas Page image is a really good reference.