835. FSCM: Vietnamese Food

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Alex Rich drew this, and he also suggested this mouseover text:

“Yes, I know it’s not pronounced that way.  Don’t write to me; write to the guy in the green shirt.  He’s clearly the one with the misunderstanding!”

But the thing is, I totally thought that was how pho was pronounced.  It’s not!  Besides a whole bunch of facts about glomerular nephritis, I learned something today!  Also, unlike the facts about glomerular nephritis, I’m probably going to remember this for more than ten minutes.

Speaking of things I forgot, I totally forgot to do a comic for 4/20!  Hopefully you can just reread Comic 420 and comic 480 (which was the comic for last year’s 4/20).  Hopefully that will be good enough.

There probably isn’t anyone but me that looks forward to more of those, but if there is, I’m sorry I let you down.