838. FSCM: Living to the EXTREME

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Today’s comic about my friend and good comic writer Milton Tan.

You may know him from the webcomic MT Your Mind.  I know him from him being a cool guy.

MT Your Mind is a really solid comic and I especially love that Milton is a fellow biology nerd like me.  For instance, you might think from his most recent comic that he is some kind of Lewis Carroll fan, but I’m willing to bet that this comic is a secret allusion to the Red Queen hypothesis.

I mean, maybe Milton likes Lewis Carroll too (I don’t know), but I what I do know is he loves biology and knows a lot about it.

By the way:

This comic reminds me of one time where I said “if you call that living” and a friend got annoyed because I say that all the time.  Okay, fine.

But the twist ending is this: she had never heard me say that!  Just by me mentioning that I say that all the time at the bottom of a comic, she had already gotten sick of me saying it.  What.

I am still mad about that.