877. Double-edged sword

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I want to link to some stuff.

Do you remember the 24 Hour Comic I did a few days back?  I did that comic in the company of some other excellent people, and they’ve put up their 24 Hour Comic results too:

Milton drew Fun Fun Adventure, a cool story about a weird little dude that takes a regular looking dude on a fun fun adventure.

Nick drew Adrifter, which is very awesome and very funny and ends on an exciting cliffhanger because Nick feel asleep.

Angelina drew Jean Valjean, Teen Dream.  If Angelina had actually completed this, it would have been the most important and amazing work of literature ever made.

Greg didn’t put up his stuff yet, but he finally put up his comic from two 24 Hour Comics ago.  It is very, very charming, much like everything Greg does.

Check’em out.