883. What I understand about the Marvel Universe

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I’m not really that much of a superhero fan, but I really like Galactus.  I like how he isn’t evil, he isn’t good, he’s just hungry.  I love relatable villains and no one is more relatable than Galactus.

Say you found this delicious plate of cookies but you couldn’t eat them because an advanced civilization of intelligent lifeforms were living on the cookies.  Sure, you definitely go try and find some other cookies to eat.  But eventually, hey, you gotta eat those cookies, y’know?  It’d be a waste not to!  I think we all can agree to that.

Galactus is just like that.  He doesn’t really want to eat Earth, but he’s hungry and we are delicious.  Don’t even talk about the Milky Way around him, because that will make him even more hungry for some cookies/planets.