890. When you see a sad tree...

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This weekend, I’m going to be riding Chinatown Express style down to the District of Columbia to hang out with one of the very best people, my friend Navarro.

I know Navarro from years of awesome friendship, but you may know him better as the brain behind the comic I linked to yesterday, Lifetime Supply (Feat. Navarro), a comic considered by some critics to be the finest Cowbirds in Love strip ever made.

Pretty hurtful since I didn’t even write it, but hey, what are you gonna do?

Anyway, what this means is I may not have time to really put my all into this comic this weekend.  I probably won’t have access to a scanner.  Maybe I’ll MS Paint it up like I MS Painted up Lifetime Supply.  Maybe!

That’ll be real old school, which is perfect, because Navarro’s a real old school kind of guy.