904. The Forever Line (1)

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And so begins either the best or worst month in the history of Cowbirds in Love. Or equally possibly, some month not on one of the polar ends of that spectrum. For for the forthcoming month I, Connor Delaney, will be your host to this particular webcomic. You may remember me from that one time I’ve been mentioned here before, or maybe even that other time. But I digress.

Sanjay somehow managed to complete an entire story comic, of significant quality, in only a little while, on top of making comics to post here every day. That is crazy. I think he might have given me more comics to post then days he will be gone. He’s a genuine mad man. With this work ethic, I expect him to have cured cancer by the time he gets back.

But you people want to hear more about comics, so I will tell you: Look forward to this story, my new friends, because you are in for a narrative arc filled to the brim with technology, love, the future, characters, references to lines, outer space,  narration, and that’s really all I can tell you without spoiling anything. It’s a classic Cowbirds in Love if I’ve ever seen one.

So here’s to the month, and good luck with your doctor training, Sanjay. I promise your webcomic is in good hands.