914. The Forever Line (11)

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You know one of the things I really like about Sanjay, or more specifically about his comics, is when he does something like this. He’ll take some real science or philosophy and blend it together with some trivial aspect of everyday life, and he’ll do so in a way that’s romantic and blunt all at the same time. I think this comic in particular exemplifies that, how he took the idea of traveling at the speed of light and twisted it to make it into a way to never see someone ever again. It’s one of those things where now that it’s been shown to me I can see how it fits together, but I would never have been able to make that logical jump on my own. It feels very wholly original and imaginative, and it’s classic Cowbird in Love. Sanjay comes up with this stuff on an astounding frequent basis, stuff that is perhaps just as interesting as it is humorous. Stuff like Dave The Philosophical Zombie Who Is Also A Real Zombie, or the porcupine and cactus that just want to know what it’s like to hug. More recently the Brain-to-Body ratio, the controlling who you fall in love with/controlling giant robots, inaction movies. It’s cases like this where almost as often as I laugh at the comic, I find I’m in awe of the idea driving it. It’s something that as a webcomics maker I really admire, and as a webcomics reader I really enjoy.


It feels like I just wrote some pretentious review of a movie or book or something, but that is what I honestly think. Though considering it’s my personal belief that pretentious reviews are usually full of it, feel free to disagree with me here.