940. With much love to Doctor Ishihara

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I’ve spent a lot of time in my life trying to figure out some kind of way to write messages on a RBG monitor that color blind people could read that people with regular color vision couldn’t, and I never came up with something totally satisfactory.  The best I came up with was something with distractors to confuse the normal vision people that the color blind people would naturally ignore.  It wasn’t that great.

The big problem was that thought there were distractors, it’s not as if the normal vision people couldn’t see the right thing if they figured out what to look for and what to ignore.  Fundamentally, the problem is that the set of information a normal vision person gets through their eyes contains the set of information a color blind person gets.  Where am I supposed to hide something?

Which is what makes me really happy about this comic.  The visual punchline of this comic is an inscrutable pattern of dots.  Seeing the three isn’t as good, because you can’t empathize with the narrator.  This comic actually works less for me now that I colored in the dots.

I’m still nowhere close to being able to send secret messages to the color blind.  But at least I drew you a comic.