96. Some old advice

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I bought a big bag of potatoes because I went grocery shopping hungry.  What am I supposed to do with all these potatoes?


Here’s a story about this comic.  I had taken it down because it was kind of long but I recently got an email asking where it was and so now it’s back:

So I’m in charge of my own meals now and I thought what would be nice was to go buy some cold cuts of ham.  I had never bought cold cuts before.  At the grocery store where I shop, you have to ask a butcher person for cold cuts if you want them, and as it happens I get nervous talking to people.  So I planned it all out.  I would go up and ask for half a pound of sliced ham (I hoped that half a pound was a good amount to order.  I hoped I was using the right units.)  So I’m feeling pretty good with my plan and so I go up to the person and she says “Half a pound?  Okay, what kind of ham would you like?”  I didn’t know there was more than one kind of ham!  I hadn’t planned for this contingency.  The person explained the difference between the hams and what would be good for making sandwiches with mayonaise, since that’s what I was planning on doing with the ham.  Anyway, she was really helpful and now I am a ham expert and can order cold cuts with no problem, so I decided to honor her by drawing her in this comic.  Hey, butcher person at Whole Foods:  If you don’t recognize yourself, it is because I forgot what you look like.  I just remember what kind of ham I’m going to get next time.

The kind you recommended.

Update: I forgot what kind of ham she recommended.  Thanks for the email.