995. Debate Technique

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Today’s comic refers back to comic 107, a comic dear to my heart.  It was a sequel to the decent comic 106, though I think comic 107 can be appreciated without it.

You might think today’s comic blatantly uses the same joke as comic 107, but you are wrong.  The punchline of this comic is violence.

Anyway, the reason why I like that old comic so much is that the idea to make a pun about attacking strawmen had been in my head forever before I figured out how to use it.  My first idea was some kind of Wizard of Oz thing with the Scarecrow but that didn’t quite seem to fit.  I stashed the idea in my idea notebook and went about making other comics.

Then, after I made comic 106, a fully-formed way to use the strawman pun popped into my brain.

Most comic ideas I have don’t take very long to get from my head to the page.  But this one took it’s time and I thought it came together pretty good.  So I like it.


I think it is interesting that between Friendship Woman and Straw Man, we are 2/2 on superhero comics this week.