Here's my 24 Hour Comic Captain Monster Runs For President.

You can read about the 24 Hour Comic Challenge that Scott McCloud made up
if you'd like.

I did the challenge with my friends Nick Elmer, Milton Tan and Greg Truono. It is
an enormous pleasure to work with these guys. Thanks to them and
thanks to everyone who checked in on us on the USTREAM.

Greg decided his comic wasn't going anywhere, so he finished out the
day working on the really excellent 24 hour comic he did last time. I'm
so excited for him to finally put that online.

Nick's 24 hour comic is Don't Park Your Car There is here.
Milton's 24 hour comic is Vlogger Slaughter is here.

And here is mine:

I'd also like to thank Joss Whedon, Cheez-its and Intelligent Design. I couldn't have done it without you.