A Punchline Guessing Contest

I think you should take the option less traveled, personally.

I am having a punchline guessing contest for the coming Monday's comic!

There are two ways to experience the contest. You can choose:

Option 1: Wait until Monday and read the comic then.

Option 2: Look at the setup for the comic and try to guess the punchline(s)

If you choose Option 1, congratulations! You won! Your prize is you get to read Monday's comic unspoiled.

If you choose Option 2, if you win, your prize is SECRET. But I guarantee that it is worth more than absolutely nothing, so that should be some comfort?

To win, you have to look at the setup to Monday's comic, and guess ALL FIVE PUNCHLINES CORRECTLY.

The setup is five pictures. For five punchlines. Five captions, if you will. You have to get each one right to win. No partial credit.

You have to be the first one to email me the right answers to win.

You have to come up with the punchlines I thought of. If you come up with different punchlines, better punchlines, I will be super psyched to read them, but you won't win.

You don't have to spell things the way I spelled them.

If you've decided to pursue Option 2, you can click the button below to see the parts of Monday's comic you need:

If it is, or already was, Monday, October 13th, 2014, you can click here for the answers.

Back to the comic!

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