By Sanjay Kulkaček

Drawn on February 1st in celebration of Hourly Comics Day

Inked later because who has time for that


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*TODAY WILL BE A GREAT DAY is a wonderful shirt that Ryan North designed. It's maybe not as optimistic as it looks at first glance? I'm not sure you can get it any more but there are lots of ways to support Ryan North and you should probably use one just for your own good more than anything.

*The comic I am thinking about working on ended up being Life, Death, Order, Chaos, which I had been thinking about for a while before it went up.

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*We've been reading Harry Potter out loud to each other. We are on book 5 which is the most fun one so far. Harry's 24/7 angst is incredibly fun to read!

*Agricola is a worker-placement game where you pretend to be a farmer and do farmer stuff like building impenetrable stone forces. I am very good at it!

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*The Left-Handed Toons shirt isn't for sale any more. It was this comic on a shirt.

*Welcome to Night Vale is an extremely delightful, nightmarish podcast that I listened to compulsively for the last few weeks of comic work. I WOULD recommend it highly, but it's pretty famous and I'm not, so the idea that you know me but not Welcome to Night Vale makes you pretty unique and I don't want to ruin that.

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*Comic Chameleon is here.

*The comic I was working on was Art Therapy.

*Small Press Expo is my favorite comic convention and decided that I would like to exhibit there this year. It's a lottery to get a table though so that's no sure thing! I will remind you that there are only a few more days to enter under the condition that if you get a table and I don't, you let me know that I allowed that to happen.

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*Look at this hat!!!!

Page 6

*You haven't seen this comic about introversion yet because I haven't figured out how to make it not stupid!!!

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*You can learn more about Google at google.com.

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*Look at this cat! :( :( :(

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Mountains, though repeatedly referenced as metaphor in these comics, are not real.

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