The Cowbirds in Love Store

I'm not running the store right now! Go away! - Sanjay, October, 2014.

There's a few things to buy, in pretty limited quantities.

As of October 2nd the following shirts are for sale:

1 Premarital shirt, unisex medium
1 Premarital shirt, unisex large
1 Premarital shirt, womens medium
1 Base10 shirt, unisex, small
2 Base10 shirt, unisex, medium
1 Base10 shirt, unisex, XL

You can order them here:

Shirt kind

Here are all of the shirt designs, so you can see what they look like:

Keytarmy Shirt, based on my general love for keytars

Premarital Shirt, based on comic 185

Base 10 Shirt, based on comic 43

If a design seems awesome to you and you are sad that they don't exist any more, drop me a line. If it seems like there is enough demand, I'd love to do another order of any of these.

Or, alternatively, if there's a Cowbirds thing you really want to be a shirt, I love suggestions.